Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dream 2 (Female; 34)

Category: Snake Dream

My thoughts, as I walked down home in the dream were occupied with nothing in particular. From the way things appeared, I was coming back from an outing and a very bad one where I had seen an aunt of mine hide something in my secret place. I came in through the gate into a big house. This wasn’t a house I was familiar with in the real life. In the compound of the house, I saw people cheering. I approached and asked a woman what they were rejoicing about. She said to me, someone gave birth. I asked who? She said a snake. What a strange thing, I thought as I turned, and then, said to the woman, “but they said when a snake gives birth it dies.” The next thing she said was that, the snake gave birth to different species and one just like her and then died. Just as she said the snake gave birth to one just like her, I heard a voice said, though your enemy may die, she would replace herself. Then I woke up!

Two days after this dream, I lay on the rug beside a chair after the day’s work and slept off. In my dream, I was in the living room of a house with a big dog that was mine. My next vision, I saw myself in a bedroom with my dog beside me. There I saw a strange looking small dog with glittering black and deep blue scales. My dog barked and went after the strange animal. Within a tickle of an eye, my dog was dragged roughly inside the mouth of this small dog.  As it chew my dog like meat, blood dropped in one and two, one and two.

Scared, I ran to the living room where people were now talking. Just as I was lying down in reality on the rug beside a chair, I lay down on the floor beside a chair in the dream. One of the men talking dropped something which disappeared the moment it landed on the floor. They searched endlessly for the object that dropped and didn't find it. Someone offered to look for it using the broom to sweep out the under of the chair I laid beside. From where I laid down I could see the broom touched a snake under the chair. In that instant, as though someone cast a spell, they all stopped searching. Then the dark blue glittering long slim snake, made its way toward me as a voice told me to wake up and save myself. I struggled to wake up as the snake drew closer, closer, and closer until it was standing inches away from my face. For a long time, the snake stood just looking at me. Just then, I threw myself out of sleep!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dream 1 (Female; 28)

     Category: Similar to Joseph's Dream

I’m opening this blog with the dream I had in the year 1997, when the passions of heat, hate, love, betrayal, the pursuit of fame, wealth, riches, honor and all material goods in form of wealth has little meaning to me. This dream was similar to that of Joseph which he revealed to his brothers and, almost had his destiny terminated if it hadn’t been for God’s love for him.

Though I have a Christian background and was strictly raised as a religious of God from my Mama’s womb, this period of my life, I know nothing seriously of the Holy Bible except for Psalm 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd…”  When I hint one of my Dad’s elder sisters of this dream, she asked that I keep the dream to myself, that such dreams stir hatred from parents, relations and friends. “You remember Joseph’s story?” She had asked me. In her own obscured hatred, she failed to see that we bring with us good and bad from the upper wilder world where humanity are being formed in various shades of bright and dull colors…. And there is a part of woes to everywhere rainbow regardless of their class in this life that we live.

I’ve been through tremendous anguish in all faces of life that could tear in shreds a person’s destiny. And now it doesn’t matter what comes my way. I simply look at the gleaming future ahead of me. Hey, let’s not digress from the real purpose I'm here.  I am an extremist dreamer and I thought I should keep a diary of them. God help me to be a steady recorder. Enjoy reading…

Similar to Joseph....

When the light box switch flicked, and the beam in my room went out.
And in the passage of beckoning slumber, the night withheld my spirit.
Carrying an ordinary looking shopping bag, I found myself in the bathroom of a big house standing right behind my father wanting to pull out the W.C.

I looked upon him with a pity as though this was a simple thing he ought to do without exerting extra energy.
I laid aside the bag, and tugged out the W.C. I said to him with the white porcelain seat in my hands like some toy, “Is this what you couldn’t pull off all this while? It’s easy.” Afterward, I did his laundry in this same  bathroom. 

When I was through, I realized I had come from a very far journey to visit my family in our home.  The voices of indebtedness and poverty leaping upon the walls of this my home in the dream and skipping upon the roof came to me from all angles like pillars perfumed with venom without antidote.

“My home,” my voice whispered. It was a big but deserted fine house with no furniture in it. Though my siblings were not in sight, I could feel them in the house and their unspoken anguish.

By that the interior of my heart paved with the determination to see that the fountain of the family is no longer sealed and our spring no longer shut up.

I sought the bag I came with and set to leave. Out of the house, before descending the steps I paused at the veranda in the lovely night that ravished my heart, and I looked up at the skies which hung a thousand stars.
With one look at the skies, there was unexplainable link with my destiny and then, I saw a group of stars from the top of the heavens approaching me.

They were tiny balls of very, very lovely colors. They were supernaturally glittering too!!  
They tumbled down above me one by one like rain drops and formed a circle round my head like a measuring crown.

Their presence shut out my spirit of heaviness so that no grief penetrated my heart.  Their breaths of strength entered me and I was set to take my leave once more without fear this time.

Renewed I came down the steps that were in the open place, and set on the tied, endless road before me while the stars followed behind me. In the same moment I began to move, I was JUMP CUT TO an enormous sophisticated church auditorium I used to know in real life.

Like a bride prepared for her wedding evening when she would be deflowered by her groom, I was adorned heavily and sat upon the throne of treasures surrounded by the stars that followed earlier on.  They also rounded my head like a crown. Somebody else sat on the throne next to my left. What I don’t know is if this person was my immediate younger brother. I wasn’t given the grace to see the person’s face but, I noticed he wasn’t a woman like me.

Then, I was aware there were throngs of people around me in the large auditorium – spewing strange languages out of their mouths like a flood.

There was an abrupt silence.

I looked up and beheld a man and a woman. They were my parents. They looked sobered as they came through the passage way towards me and the young man on the thrones.

At our feet, they fell on their faces in some kind of adulation.


I woke up….

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