Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dream 2 (Female; 34)

Category: Snake Dream

My thoughts, as I walked down home in the dream were occupied with nothing in particular. From the way things appeared, I was coming back from an outing and a very bad one where I had seen an aunt of mine hide something in my secret place. I came in through the gate into a big house. This wasn’t a house I was familiar with in the real life. In the compound of the house, I saw people cheering. I approached and asked a woman what they were rejoicing about. She said to me, someone gave birth. I asked who? She said a snake. What a strange thing, I thought as I turned, and then, said to the woman, “but they said when a snake gives birth it dies.” The next thing she said was that, the snake gave birth to different species and one just like her and then died. Just as she said the snake gave birth to one just like her, I heard a voice said, though your enemy may die, she would replace herself. Then I woke up!

Two days after this dream, I lay on the rug beside a chair after the day’s work and slept off. In my dream, I was in the living room of a house with a big dog that was mine. My next vision, I saw myself in a bedroom with my dog beside me. There I saw a strange looking small dog with glittering black and deep blue scales. My dog barked and went after the strange animal. Within a tickle of an eye, my dog was dragged roughly inside the mouth of this small dog.  As it chew my dog like meat, blood dropped in one and two, one and two.

Scared, I ran to the living room where people were now talking. Just as I was lying down in reality on the rug beside a chair, I lay down on the floor beside a chair in the dream. One of the men talking dropped something which disappeared the moment it landed on the floor. They searched endlessly for the object that dropped and didn't find it. Someone offered to look for it using the broom to sweep out the under of the chair I laid beside. From where I laid down I could see the broom touched a snake under the chair. In that instant, as though someone cast a spell, they all stopped searching. Then the dark blue glittering long slim snake, made its way toward me as a voice told me to wake up and save myself. I struggled to wake up as the snake drew closer, closer, and closer until it was standing inches away from my face. For a long time, the snake stood just looking at me. Just then, I threw myself out of sleep!

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